*Please know that I am posting this with full permission from my husband*

Last night  I had my husband pose for me, it's not uncommon I do it all the time to test the light at venue's and so on. This one however took a bit of encouragement but I simply had to test a few things lighting and the mixture of the ''milk bath'' .There are a few techniques in getting the right mixture for this type of shoot.I have never done it before so I thought let me just see how it will work before I do the actual shoot with the client.

So I grabbed my packet of Coles Instant Milk powder and started the process.Grabbed a few flowers and I was set.Testing just the bath on its own won't do I need to see the actual skin tones in there. So my husband offered to help me out,I had him pose in a few different Maternity poses LOL  it worked out really well in the end.This is how I know my husband loves me with all his heart.What a great Sport he was.

I am contemplating  to print a few out and hang it on our walls ;) 

Milk bath sessions Now available ;)