Alex: The Fight of his Life by Yvette Martinette and Brian Bird

I am so happy to share with you something which is very close to my heart. With this project I wanted to do something edgy and different to raise awareness, not only of the plight of children with cancer but also of their strength and resilience.

I had the idea of portraying a child cancer survivor as a hero in a post apocalyptic setting, where they display their strength and endurance by fighting off enemies. I wanted  a way to bring home the irreversible changes they go through during their personal 'apocalypse' and that the fight against cancer never ends. They have to keep on fighting even after the apocalypse.


Planning started more than 11 months ago. I contacted  Ken Abbott  the creator of Scavengers of The Scarlet Wastes and asked if they'd be willing to work with the me on a  Mad Max/ post apocalyptic inspired shoot. They of course said yes .Together with Brian Bird from The Complete Pixel we set things in motion.



To help kids like Alex, please donate today:




Alex  were very keen since he is a big Steampunk and dystopian fiction fan. The rest, as they say, is history and I  am  proud to present the video of Alex's journey. 

Read More about Alex Story here The Heart Project

We hope this will raise awareness and encourage more people to help fight cancer in children.

The Battle 

The Battle