50 Shades of Eyeshadow

Like what you see? Everyone wants to look their perfect best on a photo, and these days most of my clients are all about  the editing. I often get "will you photo-shop some make up on ,make me look beautiful''. Sure but that will cost you extra as most photographers including myself bill for editing.

It takes time to edit, to take the actual photos is nothing compared to the time we photographers put into our work after the shoot. To add extra make up on top of the normal blemishes and spots removal is very time consuming. Most people want to achieve the look of our bride here, long lashes, smokey eyes that pop; but to achieve this look photographer and make up artist have to work hand in hand. If the make up artist knows what she is doing then it makes the work load of the photographer lighter.

So lets rewind to the start of the morning and I will take you through the make up process for a wedding.



Early Saturday morning and I arrive at the Harbor View Hotel to find artist Jesline Davis, owner of i-blush, busy with the second bridesmaid of the day. Four Bridesmaids full make up and hair, one Bride full make up and Mother of the Bride full make up.

Music is playing and the girls are talking and dancing, some where sleeping but all and all a very pleasant atmosphere.

Jesline starts with the hair and then moves on to make up, she is very precise and efficient.


Jesline is doing hair and make up .

Jesline is doing hair and make up .


In a blink of an eye Jesline had the rest of the bridesmaid ready.

I look at her make up kit which makes me feel like I am in a shop. I especially love two brands she uses. Nude from Urban decay and Nars they both have beautiful colors and it reminds me of the last time I actually bought make up. It was years ago. I know its sad but we working mums never have time for ourselves.


Soon it is time for the bride.

I took before and after shots and will show you the original photo before editing at the end of this blog. When editing a photo we photographers do the same as a make up artist. We add layers and remove blemishes. It is exactly the same thing but perfect make up makes for less time editing and it looks amazing. It is very important to choose your make up artist well before hand and go for a trial. I often hear people say that it is an unnecessary expense but I can assure you its not, especially for your wedding day. You will be photographed from every angle I CAN ASSURE you that.

From i-blush website ''i-blush [verb. redden - flush - colour - color / noun.  flush - redness - glow]
Jesline, founder of i-blush, is a professional freelance Makeup Artist & Specialist in Beauty Makeovers based in Sydney. i-blush specializes in all aspects of makeup including weddings, formals, special occasion, photographic, editorial, photo-shoots and television makeup or just for that little indulgence and pampering us girls need from time to time. We utilize professional makeup products like MAC, Mikavonk, Makeup Forever and Bobby Brown.''

What they offer ''Perfection and attention to detail is her forte. Jesline is a certified professional artist base in Sydney and is highly skilled for photographic portraiture, from smokey and mysterious to fresh and demure. Her eye for perfection and attention to detail is her forte. Whatever you are looking for in makeup Jesline is here to provide you with a service and experience like no other''

I personally can recommend Jesline and her team I have worked with her on several other occasions and very happy with her work.

Jesline Davis

Jesline Davis

 And finally the outcome of the shoot. A perfect example of how the photo looked before and after I edited it. The filter that I put on it makes the shading of the make up just pop. I love these type of filters.