If you’re looking for something different, something more than incredible portrait photography, we may be the perfect magical mix. Bring your flying fairies, your quiet elves, your little goddess who toes curl up in delight at the idea of sitting on the back of an Elephant King. 

I’ll meet you in the hills of NSW, Glenorie. (I know all the best and most enchanted spots.)

I’ll capture a series of portrait photography that will take your breath away. Then, I’ll transform it into fine art that will make you stop and smile every time you walk past it hanging in your home.

Beyond anything you ever imagined.

I’ve been doing this for a lifetime and my personal motto is finding the perfection and making it even more perfect.


I believe in magic. I know you do too.

Here’s where we start.

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Yvette Martinette’s qualifications and experience are out of the ordinary: but then so is she.

One day, while working at a Foreign Exchange Office, Yvette had a gun held to her head for a very long time. She survived. Her job did not. She didn’t go back.

Yvette believes strongly in magic, in kindness, and in grasping the present with both hands. More than a metaphor, Yvette used the ordeal to propel herself to her heart’s work: Yvette Martinette Photography.


Yvette has been a photographer for 14 years. Specialising in portraiture of family, children, and animals, her true power is her ability to stop time and capture precious moments.

A proud student of University of Life, this tri-lingual virago graduated with honours. Yvette grew up on a farm in Africa. Believing with certainty her parents were aliens, Yvette told them she would move overseas, marry, and have a house filled with animals who were allowed inside. She was telling the truth.

Yvette’s element is fire: she’s climbed an active volcano in the middle of the night, with nothing but a torch in her hand. She survived the volcano; she survived South Africa.

She ripped scrolls from the stars and fulfilled her own prophecy: she moved overseas, married, and lives in a house filled with the warmth of her husband, 8 year old daughter, 6 cats, 1 dog, and 3 goldfish.